VIH Helicopters Ltd. is one of Canada’s longest established commercial helicopter companies. Our versatile fleet of intermediate, medium and heavy lift helicopters can be equipped to handle any task.

VIH Helicopters has been providing global aviation services since 1955. With our excellent track record for safety, efficiency and effectiveness, we are sure to be able to meet your project requirements.

Our operational crews and field management personnel participate in annual and specialized training programs to maintain a leadership role in the industry which enables them to perform at the forefront of available technology and safety programs. These highly professional crews are well-prepared for the execution of our services around the world and are committed to providing the safest, highest level of service to our customers both domestically and internationally.

Over the course of the past 20 years our fleet of helicopters have operated in many diverse locales including Western Australia, the mountains of China, several regions in Taiwan, the Amazon jungle of Peru, the earthquake ravaged areas in Pakistan, the remote cities of Angola and in Cameroon, West Africa delivering a variety of services including aerial seismic, aerial construction, disaster relief, and fire suppression.

Our aircraft are all equipped with stretcher capability, shoulder harnesses, bubble observation windows, GPS, intercom, multi-radio capability and other specialized equipment for virtually any need.

Every aircraft has a satellite tracking unit with the capability for voice communication anywhere in the world. Real-time tracking provides extra peace of mind for our customers. Our Flight Watch Center can pinpoint the location of an aircraft, within meters, any time of the day, 365 days of the year.

Meet Our Management

Jen Norie

General Manager

Jen is the General Manager of VIH Helicopters Ltd and of NexJen Marine Services Ltd., as well as the Marketing and Communications Manager for the VIH Aviation Group of Companies. Jen has studied Business Management at Dalhousie University in Halifax, NS; International Business and Commercial Law at the University of Victoria and has completed the Canadian Helicopter Operator and AMO Management Course with Conklin and De Decker. In addition to her roles within the VIH Aviation Group, Jen has been an active member of the Helicopter Association of Canada Board of Directors for over ten years, serving as Secretary of the Board as well as Chair of the Board of Directors. Jen also serves on the Board of Directors for the Truck Loggers Association. Jen was also featured in both Helicopters Magazine and Wings Magazine as one of the “Top 10 Under 40” in the Canadian Aviation Industry.

Shane Palmer

Director of Operations

Shane was born into a bush pilot family in the Northwest Territories of Canada and has been flying planes since he was a teenager. He obtained his commercial helicopter license at 25 and began his career with Northern Mountain Helicopters in 1993. Subsequently he was endorsed on numerous helicopter types and gained experience in seismic, drill moves, firefighting, construction, heli-skiing, and international operations. In 2000, Shane joined VIH and flew S61’s and Ka-32’s. By 2002 he was a training pilot. Shane has well over 10,000 hours and 30 years of fixed wing/helicopter accident free flying. In 2018, Shane was promoted to Director of Operations.

Mark Junker

Director of Maintenance

Mark’s passion for the aviation industry began when he obtained his private pilot license at the age of 19. The appeal of aviation led Mark to mechanics and the AME program at BCIT in Vancouver. Directly after graduating, he began his more than 30 year career as an apprentice engineer with VIH in Sidney. This was followed by base engineer positions in Prince Rupert and Sandpit BC, mainly field touring and hangar overhaul projects. Over time the collection of experience and endorsements grew with a M1/M2 license and ACA on S61, Ka32, 206, 500, 205/212, AS350, 222. In 2003 Mark had come full circle, returning to Sidney to take on a challenging shift in roles as the Chief Engineer on VIH’s Kamov Ka32 fleet, supporting the operation with many trips to Russia and to the Ukraine. These days Mark manages the heavy lift aircraft from the Director of Maintenance chair, furthering a long and successful career with VIH Helicopters.

Sean Fudger

Chief Pilot

Born and raised in the north coast town of Prince Rupert, BC; Sean spent much of his childhood around float planes with his father who was a private pilot. At the age of 15, Sean began his career working for Trans Provincial Airlines (TPA) as a handler on the float plane docks. Shortly thereafter, Sean gained his commercial pilots license with multi IFR rating, and returned to Prince Rupert where he began flying for TPA at age 18. Flying the BC coastal region in Cessna’s, Beavers, Otter, Goose and Twin Otters; Sean gained over 6000 flight hours of float time and was promoted to the position of Captain at age 19. At age 24, Sean elected to make a career change and transition into the helicopter industry. Sean began flying with VIH in 1995 and became a training pilot in 2005. Sean has flown every type of helicopter operated by VIH (Bell 47, 206, 407, 205, 212, 222, Hughes 500, Astar, Sikorsky 61 and Kamov); and has travelled the world for various international projects. With over 10,000 hours of flight time accumulated, in 2018 Sean accepted the role of Chief Pilot with VIH Helicopters. Sean remains current on a multitude of aircraft types and is often found piloting both fixed and rotary wing aircraft at remote locations, including those in coastal regions of BC.

Jeff Hayes

Director of Health Safety Environment

Jeff is a Certified Safety Professional (CSP) with a varied skillset developed over 25+ years, including as OH&S Manager at Viking Air, Safety Manager at the largest multi-product bulk terminal in North America, Superintendent H&S for Canada’s largest diversified mining company, and over 14 years as VP, Safety & Certification with one of Canada’s 50 Best Managed Companies.

 Jeff brings to VIHAG a broad spectrum of skills and experience; hands on management of aviation operations, including heavy lift services, firefighting, crew transportation, and Helicopter Engine and Component & Airframe Overhaul Facilities, manufacturing, heavy industrial, construction, trucking, rail, deep-water ships, mining, and forestry.

Mike Schedel

Director of Marketing

Mike joined VIH Helicopters as Director of Marketing in 2013 and has over 20 years of practical experience as a chaser, rigger and logging project manager under the Kamov KA-32A11BC and Sikorsky S-61 helicopters. Mike takes pride in his relationships with customers, exceeding production parameters and VIH’s exemplary safety record. Mike continues to participate in the development and management of safety programs for persons working in the heli-logging industry.