VIH Helicopters Ltd. is Canada's oldest privately owned helicopter company having been in continuous operation since incorporation in 1955. We have strategically located bases and offices that service domestic and international contracts for a global clientele, with a team of over 150 experienced and highly skilled professionals.

VIH Helicopters Ltd. operates a diverse fleet of helicopters comprised of models from the world's leading helicopter manufacturers, including Sikorsky, Kamov, Eurocopter and Bell. Our helicopters can be equipped to handle any task - Each aircraft has stretcher capability, shoulder harnesses, bubble observation windows, GPS global positioning navigation systems, intercom systems, multi-radio capability as well as various other specialized equipment for virtually any need.

Our pilots and aircraft maintenance personnel participate in annual and specialized training programs to maintain a leadership role in the industry which enables them to perform at the forefront of available technology and safety programs. These highly professional crews along with our diverse fleet of helicopters result in exceptional service in a multitude of specialty roles in the forestry, oil and gas, mining exploration and tourism industries.

In every situation, VIH Helicopters is committed to providing the safest, highest level of service to our customers both domestically and internationally.

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