& Safety

At the VIH Aviation Group, we take pride in making safety our number one priority from the boardroom to the hangar floor. By striving for a goal of continuous improvement, we have maintained one of the best safety records in the industry for more than five decades.

Integrated safety management systems in our individual operating systems are used to mitigate the many risks associated with aviation. The respective systems are co-developed and coordinated between companies to ensure a lesson learned by one is shared by all. This risk management based approach sets out responsibilities and accountability at all levels, encouraging proactive reporting of potential safety issues which allows us to identify and implement corrective changes before accidents occur. We regularly measure our safety culture and look for innovative ways to improve our safety perspective and performance.

We believe that our culture of safety will continue to mature because of our use of best industry practices through all the facets of our business. Comprehensive internal and external 3rd party audits are regularly conducted to ensure we practice our standards equally from operations in remote areas of the world to our head offices.

At VIH we strive to be number one in our safety record, in provision of service excellence and as the employer of choice.


Proud supporter of the
International Helicopter Safety Team