Ken Norie

President and CEO    |    VIH Aviation Group

Ken Norie obtained his commercial pilot's license with helicopter endorsement on his 18th birthday, making him the youngest person in Canadian history to achieve this certification. Ken joined VIH Helicopters as a pilot in 1973 and has over 37 years of helicopter industry experience. In 1978, Ken moved to Prince Rupert as VIH’s Base Manager. In 1986, Ken moved to Victoria as VIH’s Marketing Manager and thereafter became VIH's Operations Manager. Ken held this position until 1991 when he founded VIH Logging Ltd. which was instrumental in obtaining the Canadian certification of Kamov KA32 helicopters in Canada for use in heli-logging. In 1999 Ken became the sole owner and President of VIH Helicopters and he rebranded and consolidated his growing group of aviation business under VIH Aviation Group Ltd. Under Ken’s ownership the business has grown through acquisitions and strategic investments from a regional domestic VFR operator to a diversified group of aviation businesses providing helicopter services in Canada and internationally.

Charles (Charlie) Hodgins, CA

Senior Vice President,
Finance and Chief Financial Officer    |    VIH Aviation Group

Charlie Hodgins is a Chartered Accountant and a former partner of an international firm of Chartered Accountants. Charlie has 33 years of experience as a Chartered Accountant in public practice, venture capital, and industry. He has served on several boards of directors and professional organizations. Charlie has been a Chief Financial Officer in the helicopter industry for over twelve years and joined VIH in 2001.

Charlie has held many positions in community organizations and was a former president of the Saanich Peninsula Chamber of Commerce and former president of the Gyro Club of Victoria. He is also a member of the Executive Council and Board of Advisors of the University Of Victoria School Of Business.

Charlie has a B.A. in Economics from the University of Western Ontario.

Didier Moinier

Senior Vice President,
International Business Development    |    VIH Aviation Group

Didier Moinier holds an airline transportation helicopter pilot's license with IFR rating and has extensive helicopter experience in offshore operations in the Canadian East Coast and Arctic as well as international helicopter experience in Africa, Central America, and the Far East. Didier joined the VIH Aviation Group in 1999 and has responsibility for marketing and development of international business opportunities.

Didier has completed the Helicopter Association International's Operator's Management Course (Advanced) and received the 5,000 hours Accident & Violation Free Helicopter Pilot Safety Award from the same organization.

Hank Williams

Chief Operating Officer    |    Cougar Helicopters Inc.

Hank Williams commenced his career in the transportation industry in 1992 and joined Cougar Helicopters in 1996. Hired first as a Passenger Movements Coordinator, he advanced throughout the organization and was appointed General Manager in 2010 and Chief Operating Officer in 2016. A hands-on manager and leader, he holds responsibility for all of Cougar's offshore oil & gas and search & rescue operations globally. Mr. Williams has completed the Helicopter Association International's Helicopter Operator Management Course, is a member of London-based Heli Offshore and is a Director of the Newfoundland & Labrador Oil & Gas Industries Association (NOIA).

Arne Arneson

General Manager    |    VIH Aerospace Inc.

Arne has over 25 years of experience in the aviation industry with a specialization in Avionics Engineering, and has been with the VIH Aviation Group for 19 years. Since joining VIH in 1993, Arne has progressed through various management roles such as Avionics Manager and Director of Maintenance, and was appointed as General Manager of VIH Aerospace Inc. in 2004. Additionally, Arne holds an Honors Diploma in Avionics Engineering Technology.

Jen Norie

General Manager    |    VIH Helicopters Ltd.    |    YYJ FBO Services

With over 15 years of experience in the aviation industry, Jen is currently the General Manager of VIH Helicopters Ltd and YYJ FBO Services Ltd, as well as the Marketing and Communications Manager for the VIH Aviation Group of Companies. In addition to her roles within the VIH Aviation Group, Jen was elected to the Helicopter Association of Canada Board of Directors in 2011 and has been an active Chair of the Helicopter Association of Canada Air Taxi Committee since 2009.

Jen began her career in 1998 with VIH Helicopters Ltd., rising through a series of increasingly responsible roles such as Executive Assistant, Operations Assistant and Facilities Manager; and in 2006 was appointed as Base Manager in Fort Nelson, BC. To supplement her work experience Jen has studied Business Management at Dalhousie University in Halifax, NS; International Business and Commercial Law at the University of Victoria and has completed the Canadian Helicopter Operator and AMO Management Course with Conklin and De Decker.