This Policy and its application to all VIH Aviation Group companies assert that we shall be committed to providing service excellence through exceptional operational and maintenance practices.

Our core competitive principles are:

  • Maintain and demonstrate the highest of Safety values
  • Safeguard the Health and Safety of all employees and those related with our activities
  • Deliver Quality services
  • Seek minimal harm to the environment
  • Be competitive, just and commercial
  • Continually seek improvement

Our corporate mission is:

"To operate safely with a quality product for a profitable return."

It is the primary understanding that all employees comply with these instructions as this Policy is the backbone of the VIH Aviation Groups' collective organization, its standard and its procedures. To undertake this Policy, the Groups' integrated quality and safety management shall conform to ISO ideals, international regulatory requirements and best industry practices for Safety Management Systems. Quality objectives shall be set, reviewed and measured to ensure that our systems are effectively meeting these corporate purposes in compliance with all applicable legislation.

Ken Norie
CEO & President, VIH Aviation Group